On 24 November 2012 the Tazreen Fashion factory in Ashulia, Bangladesh caught fire killing over 112 workers and injuring many more.

As a result of the fire the families of those killed were left with not only the pain and loss of their loved one, but without an income they relied upon for survival. A number of those workers who did survive have been unable to go back to work as a result of physical and psychological injury.

The Tazreen Claims Administration Trust has (TCA) been established to assess the extent of these losses for each of the victims of the Tazreen fire, using a formula based on international standards for workplace injury payments.

The Trust will also work to raise the funds required to ensure that the dependants of the deceased workers and the injured survivors can be compensated for these losses and will distribute these funds through individual bank accounts set up for this purpose. 


Press release: Tazreen Claims Administration completes payments to victims


BDT 167,463,882 (USD 2.17 million) is paid out to dependents of those killed at the Tazreen Fashion Fire and to workers injured in the disaster. In September 2015, the Tazreen Claims … Read more

April 2016 Update


This update aims to provide a status report regarding the progress to date of the work of the Tazreen Claims Administration (TCA). All data is correct as of 25 April … Read more

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