October update

This update provides an overview of the work carried out by the Tazreen Claims Trust in October and reports on the progress we are making.

The information in this update is correct up to and including the 22nd October 2015.

Progress on current milestones

Opening of the TCA office

The receiving of claims by Tazreen Claims Administration (TCA) started on 5 October 2015.

Finalize reliable lists of eligible deceased, missing and injured workers

20 different lists were received on Tazreen’s deceased, missing and injured workers from various national organizations. TCA complied and merged all the lists into one reliable claimant list (master list) of deceased and missing victims. The maximum number of the deceased and missing claims is 136. As of 19 October 2015, the total number of confirmed deceased and missing claims stands at 113. However, further verification is ongoing to finalize the numbers.

TCA received a total 5 lists of injured workers from different organizations, namely, Caritas, BGMEA, BLAST, NGWF, and OSHE. There is no agreed number of injured in these lists. TCA merged and compiled all these lists and prepared a consolidated list. According to this complied list, the total number of the injured workers stands at 285.  The information available on the injured workers is not complete and in many cases the names do not match with other lists or are in duplicates. Therefore, to reach to an agreed number of injured claims, TCA is scrutinizing the claimants’ lists thoroughly.

In addition, TCA is also following up with the Prime Minister’s office, BGMEA, DC office, DNA forensic lab and other sources to obtain additional information regarding the number of deceased, missing and injured workers.

Pre-counselling advice to the families of deceased workers

Work has now started on the provision of pre-counselling advice for the families of deceased workers. TCA’s process for claim receiving and registration includes three phases. Initially the team contacts the families of the deceased, missing and injured workers one by one for providing pre-counseling advice, information and documents needed for registering their claims. In the second phase, the team further contacts the claimants to provide them fixed appointment to receive their documents and registering the claims.

Claims registration for dependants of deceased workers

On the date fixed for the interview in the pre-claim stage the claim is received and registered.

Due to issues with respect to office location, the daily claim intake is currently limited to three claims only, which is causing some delay to the process. As of 19 October 2015, 34 claimants comprising 109 dependents have filed their claims.

The table below shows the breakdown of the number of deceased claims filed and reviewed by TCA:

1.    Total number of confirmed deceased and missing claims 113
2.    Total claims received 34
3.    Total claims reviewed 34
4.    Total number of dependents 109
5.    Total bank accounts opened 104

Opening bank accounts for the eligible claimants and dependants

The bank accounts in the name of the claimants/dependants are opened with the Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) on the same day that the claim is submitted. The bank cards and the account numbers are also issued that day to ensure the claimants do not need to travel back a second time.

The total number of bank accounts opened as of 19 October 2015 is 104.

Claims review and verification

At the time of registration of claims, claims reviewers conduct a preliminary review of the claims and subsequently complete full review. As of 19 October 2015, the total number of claims reviewed is 34.


Tazreen Coordination Committee

The Tazreen Coordination Committee met on the 22nd October 2015. The meeting discussed remaining staffing issues, the opening of the office and the claims process, ongoing administrative issues relating to the claims process and a plan for communicating on the work of the TCA.