Meet the Team


TCA Team with Jill (edited)

The practical work of processing the claims submitted to the Tazreen Claims Administration Trust is headed up by an Executive Commissioner,  Dr Mojtaba Kazazi, assisted by a small, efficient team.

The team comprises of 2 claims reviewers, 2 paralegals, 2 IT experts, 1 accountant, and 1 assistant. Along with the ongoing work of claims processing, the team also attends to admin, accounting, IT and other related tasks that are necessary for running the TCA. 

The members of the team were originally selected and trained by the Executive Commissioner in 2014, when they were appointed to the claims processing team of the Rana Plaza Claims Administration. As a result the Tazreen Claims Administration staff have the experience of successfully processing over 5000 claims under a similar scheme. This means the staff have an extensive working knowledge of the context within which the claims are received and reviewed.

An important feature of the staff work is interacting with the claimants.

The first contact between the staff and the claimants with them is via telephone when, during the pre-claims counselling, where they provide potential claimants with information on how to prepare their documents for filing their claims. They are also on hand at any time to respond to queries and questions that claimants may have. Finally the same staff are there to meet the claimants in person when they arrive at the TCA office to file their claims.

It is hoped that the members of the team, who are all Bangladeshi nationals, will be an asset for assisting in future programmes in the country when needed.